Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Come oh ye faithful!

Let's face it, blogging is so 2005. Facebook is so popular today they even get their own movie. So I'm shifting to a newer platform, a testament to show that I can move along with time by creating a page to write all I want, when I want at nobody's expense.

How many times do we have to visit a blog we like just to know that there is no update. When you do that 100 times, it kinda gets old and we start to be fed up. Fret not with liking a facebook page, when there's an update, you'll be automatically notified via your newsfeed. Hassle free for you, pressure free for me, I no longer have to force myself to update 4 times a week just to maintain readership, and you don't have to waste your time by visiting again and again just to check for updates. This is the new black.

So like my page if you'd want to get some updates from me and perhaps a little reading pleasure to fill in your time.

Andrew Ho,
A new label, the same great taste!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Not So Good Testimony

This is not a sermon. This is a testimony. It is my testimony. My name is Andrew Ho. I'm one of the few youths in Malaysia that is truly young, cute, virgin and have a genuine passion for Christ with the knowledge of how to differentiate between law and grace. The old covenant and the new covenant. I admit by the grace of God, I've already surpassed what many church elders, deacons and pastors had known when they were 21. Of course when I say that you would think that I am arrogant, ignorant and stupid. To tell you the truth, you're right. I am indeed arrogant, ignorant and stupid. Why else would I need Christ if I am perfect in every way?

Pehaps you are more familiar with being normal. Doing things the way the world does, even Christians make a set of rules for themselves. When I was 13, my brother was admited to the hospital awaiting an operation. On Sunday, the youth group decided to pray for him who was then in hospital. Everyone took turn to pray. The first one prayed for good doctors, the second prayed for good nurses, the third prayed for smooth operation, I prayed for healing. And when I opened my eyes after the prayer, I could see a few smiling faces. They probably thought I was cute for making such a prayer. One day when their children is dying, they would perhaps rethink my cuteness and see what kind of prayer would they prefer praying. I am not joking, people do die in this world. Whether you read my blog or not.

So I continued my life and I grew up in church. I've been through counselling for sharing "strange doctrines", I've been criticised. I have been apointed leader and have been stripped off as a leader. After all those years, I wont want to elaborate on the details. I only knew two things, I was right and they lost it all. I sometimes pity what I've done to my pastor. I grew up an angry person because of ONE bad counselling session at 13 years old. I was terribly wrong. But I learnt to forgive him after a short while, 7 years. I did somehow appreciate what this poor youth church had taught me. I came out well trained, much more than any random youth in other churches. I was stupid. And even more tired when I turnt 18 I did not attend any churches for 18 months.

As a young boy, I did not know better. I was tired of going to church, and I was tired when the church tried to suck the life out of me. They always wanted more from me, to serve, to do this and to do that. They took all the fridays, saturdays and sundays of my youth. I was yet to understand the concept of "serving out of overflow" then. It was all complaining and reluctance. But I did it. So don't brag about being zealous of God in front of me. We had all been zealous. That doesn't makes any of us special.

So I had my story and you had yours. Perhaps your story is even better and more colourful. But if there is one thing that's really important above that. It would be how Jesus had sticked around for us over all those years. It would be nomatter how stupid or how smart I was, nomatter how hard or how easy the days were. Jesus was there. People really do come and go. But He doesn't, He moved in for good the day you open your heart to Him. And He wouldn't leave, ever.

Eventually I went back to church. And I came back with a little dream which has been in my heart for many years. I came back to serve, which field? If I would say I want to "do" the LCD projector, many churches would welcome me. But I am only interested just as I am gifted in two fields in church ministry. NO.1 washing the toilets, NO.2 preaching the word. If this is not the right time, I would start from washing the toilets. I have lots of patience. And perhaps someday in the 10 year anniversary of this post, I would be able to stand on a stage and tell you what all these time are for.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Super Short Talk: This week we have a guest speaker. The reasons I am not doing it myself is, I don't collect offering here and I have finals next week. Nevertheless, enjoy what I copy and paste from the Internet.

The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.
Nahum 1:7

Where do you go in your day of trouble? What stronghold provides your comfort? Is it the crumbling and shifting sand of the world, seeking entertainment to distract you from pain or distress? Do you find solace in food, feeding your sorrow? There are many things that call to us in the day of trouble but only one that provides true safety and comfort.

The Lord has promised himself as a stronghold in the day of trouble. Unlike the fortresses offered by the world, his walls cannot be torn down. His defenses are not made of air. His arm is mighty to save and the Lord has bent his arm for the good of his children.

When the world comes calling, offering its wares for comfort and safety, it does not care about those who seek it out. Satan has no interest in the people of this world. His only interest is tearing down the work of God. We are just a means to an end. But God loves his people. He extends himself to us freely and graciously. And he tells us that he knows us. All those who find their rest in him are known by him. He knows your life. He knows your trouble. He knows your sorrow. He knows what stronghold is needed in your life today. He knows you, and he has given himself for you.

Rest, Christian, in the mighty, gracious, generous arms of God. He is our shelter and strength, our stronghold in the day of trouble.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! No service, everybody gets a holiday.